Welcome to iCOMBAT Sergeant Training, your complete guide to tactical laser tag! Here you will find tips, tricks, strategy, and tactics for becoming the best you can be on the laser tag field. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there’s always room to get more points! Check back each month for a new release of Sergeant Training and stay ahead of the competition.

Come Prepared

1. Wear dark colored clothes. This will help act as camouflage on the battlefield. The easier it is to see you the easier it is to shoot you.

2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. While running is not allowed on the field you will be burning some serious calories. Plan on one awesome exercise!

3. You will sweat. We recommend wearing clothes that breath well. You may consider bringing an extra shirt especially if you’re planning multiple sessions. The less you have to worry about being drenched the more you can focus on your kill count.

4. Get hydrated! Your body needs to be ready for battle in order to be the best. Drink lots of water before you come. We also have water and Gatorade available at the field.

What to Expect

1. Tactical laser tag is not like the little kid laser tag you might remember from your 8 years birthday party. This is a legit battle – like scenario. Be ready to use realistic weapons and complete military type missions in a realistic battleground arena. It awesome!

2. The adrenaline rush. Be ready to play for about 45 minutes of nonstop action in low lit areas.

3. It’s competitive. At iCOMBAT you will play individual “games” that include missions to battle against the other team to determine who is the best. These games force you and your team to come up with strategies and work together or independently accomplishing specific actions to receive points, kills, captures, and more!

4. The Fields. The laser tag battlefields have a variety of layouts and buildings. You can play on the ground level or upper level. You can hide in the dark as an assassin, find the best sniper locations, or cause all out havoc in the city square.

5. It’s addictive. Most everyone who plays once comes back to play again and again. Make sure you talk to our staff members about gift cards and party packages!

Beginner Strategy

1. Everyone can be good at laser tag. Just because you’re playing against others with more experience doesn’t mean you can’t be better than them. Practice makes perfect.

2. Get comfortable with your weapon. We offer a variety of tactical laser tag weapons. Become comfortable with the way you hold, aim, and fire your weapon.

3. Learn the layout. Find those special spots with good vantage points. Remember you want to have multiple aiming spots and a good exit strategy if possible.

4. Become harder to hit. Remember, the less of your body that is exposed the less your opponent has to aim at. Turn sideways to limit your exposure.

5. Keep an eye on your team. Use your team to coordinate planned attacks and defense options. The stronger you and your team is the more games you will win!

6. Ask questions. Our staff is there to help so don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have a more experienced person on your team, they can likely help answer some of your questions as well.

This has been your first lesson in Sergeant Training. Get out there and apply what you’ve learned. You’ll be the best laser tag player before you know it. Tune in next month for another release of iCOMBAT Laser Tag Sergeant Training.